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Sherlock Homes in Burmese

I checked out U San Shar stories volume 1 (ဦးစံရှားပေါင်းချုပ်) written by Shwe Oo Daung (ရွှေဥဒေါင်း​) from Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne. It's based on Sherlock Holmes but not a direct translation. It's more like a Burmanization of Sherlock Holmes. Even the name became U San Shar (ဦးစံရှား) instead of Sherlock Holmes. I read this when I was a kid and I loved it. So I am reading it again even though I have read Sherlock Holmes in English. :) Here is what I found on the Internet: U San Shar stories volume 2  (ဦးစံရှားပေါင်းချုပ် နှစ်) More .