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From New Mandala : ... but for the reason that part of the success has come from exploiting the weaknesses of its neighbours. Singapore is regarded as clean on corruption, but possibly $200 billion in corrupt earnings from Indonesia is held in its banks. Singapore was the conduit of choice for the Myanmar military and its business cronies when sanctions held.

Crude History: King Mindon and the Meiji Restoration by a blogger Le Minh Khai

Warning: profanity. For more of his videos, check out his blog .

Burmese Spelling Guide (မြန်မာစာလုံးပေါင်းသတ်ပုံကျမ်း)

I found the book I used during my high school many many years ago as a PDF file through Myanmar Unicode Area  Facebook posts. I am linking it here so that other people might find it useful.