How Maple syrup is made

Last weekend (on March 12, 2016), we went to Asherwood Environmental Science Center in Wabash, Indiana. One of our host parents, Neil Sowards, took us.

We had breakfast with pancakes and Maple syrup made right there.

We saw their Maple syrup evaporator. If you are curious, this YouTube video tells you how Maple syrup is made from the sap.

Here is how the sap is collected in the sugar bush.

They also made them into candies. It's similar to ထန်းလျက် [tʰəɲeʔ] (palm sugar) in Burma. Of course, palm sugar candy is made from palm tree syrup. So this is American ထန်းလျက် made from Maple syrup. :)

Here is palm sugar candy made in Burma.


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