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Lisu keyboard in Google Input Tools

If you use Chrome browser, Google Input Tools is a great resource if you need to type in a language not natively supported by your operating system. Google Input Tools has recently been updated. They added Lisu (lis) . Let me walk you through how you can add Chrome extension of Google Input Tools, and add Lisu keyboard (and Burmese if you like). First, go to Google Chrome Web Store . Search for "Google Input Tools." You will find it in the Extension section. Click on it. Near the top right corner, you will find "Add to Chrome" button. Add by clicking on it. To add keyboards, click on the keyboard icon near the right corner of the browser's address bar as seen below. Choose the "Extension options." You can now look for Lisu and add. That's it. You can now type in Lisu or Burmese by choosing the right keyboard. For Linux computer, I have written a post before. For Windows 8 and above, the keyboard is built-in . You